Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

Bring more light and protection into your life with a merkaba star tetrahedron.
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Bring more light and protection into your life with a merkaba star tetrahedron.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is the symbolic result of the combination of two opposite tetrahedrons to form a Merkaba Star or Star Tetrahedron

The Merkabah is an energy matrix that envelops the aura and strengthens the alignment between body, mind, and spirit.

It offers protection to the user and aligns them more fully with their higher self.


The Merkaba Sacred Geometry is a tool for bringing more light into the new living light body and crystal body arrangements.


Sacred geometry are geometric forms that have deep metaphysical meaning. Not only are they beautiful, but they often have interesting mathematical properties and lots of symbolism and history. 


These geometric patterns have been used by people in art, decoration, as well as in spiritual and religious contexts since ancient times. 


The New Age movement has revived interest in these cool, stylish shapes, and people are using them to explore themselves and their place in the universe. Let's explore its history and discover the spiritual meaning behind it.

What is the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron?



The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is a powerful symbol of sacred geometry, also called the Vehicle of Light. This important symbol consists of two tetrahedrons connected by their planes. Historically, it’s meant to permeate all dimensions and the multiverse.


The two tetrahedrons can be said to represent the complete unity and equilibrium of the two poles of nature: spirit and matter, male and female, earth and heaven. 


It is an energetic and geometric representation of the human body. All of life and creation is meant to be based on this equilibrium. In these combined tetrahedrons, all divine essence and divine knowledge are hidden. 

The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is a three-dimensional representation of the Star of David. This form is seen as a tool to help us merge with the source and help us connect our etheric and physical bodies.

The History of the Merkaba Symbol


The word Merkaba (often spelled Merkabah) refers to the mystical conception of the chariot or path of ascension to higher dimensions of the universe, heavens, or cosmos, depending on your belief system.


It is about gaining a better understanding of life, the earth, and the universe as we know it.


In simpler terms, it is the path of spiritual and personal development that allows you to raise your vibration and be your best self.

The word Merkaba is actually made up of three words: Mer-Ka-Ba (or Bah). Mer means light, Ka refers to the mind, and Ba refers to the body. 


The combination of these three words gives you the idea that your body is a vehicle or chariot for your spirit to ascend into divine light or the higher dimension.


In other words, it is the process of ascension into your light body.

 It goes far beyond being a better person and touches on the idea of ​​becoming your true self.

Origins in Ancient Hebrew Text


tetrahedron star

The term Merkaba finds its origin in ancient Hebrew texts. However, similar ideas also appear in the Bible, when the prophets ascend to heaven on chariots of fire, basking in revelations and the glory of fellowship with their higher power, God. 

Once back from there, they have unprecedented prophetic insights and visions. In other words, once you ascend, you will have a much more nuanced understanding of life and how things will unfold in the future.

One of the most intriguing ancient symbols, the Merkabah symbol, has gained a growing presence in popular culture, evolving from an ancient Jewish mystical symbol into a more holistic approach to enlightenment and spirituality.

What Does The Merkaba Symbol Mean?


Merkaba symbolism


The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron symbol is formed when two tetrahedrons overlap with their vertices pointing in opposite directions, creating a Merkaba Star Tetrahedron shape. This sacred geometry shape is an important symbol in many spiritual and religious practices.

If we look at the meaning of Merkaba as a symbol since ancient times, we have to start from the idea of ​​the body as a carrier of the spirit and ascend to a higher dimension.

Thus, the Merkaba symbol becomes the representation of the ascension process. It is a multi-level approach to uniting different directions and uniting opposite poles.


The Merkaba symbol speaks of uniting the opposing energies of the lower and higher dimensions, the divine and the flesh, the profane and the sacred. 


At its core, the Merkaba is about realizing your full potential and achieving higher consciousness by raising the frequency of your energies to connect with higher dimensions.


An Ascending Energy



The two-star tetrahedral shapes can be seen as rotating triangles that follow a clockwise direction creating an ascending energy field that can be seen as a spiritual representation of our DNA as the divine vehicle that sustains us and helps us achieve our fullest potential and achieve ascension.

If you simplify the Merkaba symbol by reducing it to lines, you get two overlapping triangles pointing in opposite directions. If this sounds familiar to you, it is because you have seen the Star of David as a symbol of Judaism and the protection that God has given his people. 

According to this reasoning, the 3D rendering of the two counter-rotating tetrahedron shapes is a sacred symbol of protection and divine healing energies.


In sacred geometry, the Merkaba symbol speaks of the perfect balance between body and mind, between the Below and the Above, between the higher realms and the higher consciousness of light, and the three-dimensional reality of our human experience. 


The Merkaba symbol also refers to the energetic healing effects of the divine union between masculine and feminine energy, signifying the union of the self, mind, and body, and the self with the divine.

What are the Properties of a Tetrahedron?



Healing Properties of the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

As a powerful protection tool, the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron can be used in deep healing and light-seeking. 

From helping you activate your third eye chakra to encouraging you to embrace unconditional love and access higher dimensions; there is much in store for those who welcome the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron into their lives. Here are some ways the Merkaba can bring balance and the flow of prana into your life.

Cleanse the Chakras



Because the Merkaba is packed with protective powers, it also has the energy to eliminate any chakra blockages that may be hindering your full potential. 

For our energy to flow, it helps to have a clear line through the 7 points of the body. Sometimes this energy can get stuck or blocked, which can derail us. The Merkaba is a powerful force and encourages us to let go of feelings of fear and unworthiness that can hold us back.

Raise your Vibrations



Merkabas can help raise your vibration as well. 

Merkabah energy can remove negative and stagnant energies and also stimulate new flow. 

It can enlighten us from head to toe and also help us feel more connected, aligned, and united with our genuine desires. With this new flow of energy also comes a feeling of rejuvenation and joy.

Opening the Pineal Gland



When used in symmetry with ancient pranic breathing techniques, the Merkaba can help restore the flow of prana to the pineal gland. 

This gland is located in the center of our forehead and is also known as the third eye chakra. When activated, this gland can help us reach our full potential, encourage us to access higher realms, heighten our spiritual awareness, and harness the powers of visualization.


Connect to Source



The Merkabas are connected to source energy and because they invite you to tap into your soul’s intention; you can create any type of reality you desire. 

When the Merkaba is programmed, it can glow with active Yang energy and this encourages you to begin creating the life you wish to lead with the support of this star.


Opens the Heart



Open your heart and welcome the miracle of unconditional love with the magical presence of the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

As this star is synonymous with harmony and sacred geometry, it can nurture all shades of love and invite your Kundalini spirit to soar.

Balances the Brain



The Merkaba has to do with balance. This complex and sacred star balances our being, and it does so by restoring and igniting activity on both sides of our brain

By illuminating both sides of the brain, we can connect more deeply, increase our understanding, and open ourselves to new avenues of spiritual growth.

How to Meditate with the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron



Using Merkaba Star Tetrahedron in meditation is a surefire way to tap into these harmonious healing powers. Your goal is to energetically spin your star so it can activate its divine potential and lift us to new heights

The beauty of the breath, the power of visualization, and the magic of meditation are the best ways to get your Merkaba moving. 

Merkaba meditation can expand your consciousness, cleanse your chakras, nurture the intuitive elements of the brain, and reconnect you with a deeper sense of yourself. 

Here are some ideas to start your Merkaba meditations:

  1. Use a simple visualization meditation to get your Merkabah moving.
  2. First, you need to find a quiet place to sit and feel secure in your sense of comfort.
  3. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and visualize your Merkaba Star Tetrahedron. Don’t get too bogged down in the details here, as each star will be a little different.
  4. As you clear your mind and focus on your star tetrahedron image, you can visualize it spinning.
  5. Try to see it spinning synchronously, with the top of one pyramid pointing skyward and the other pointing earthward.
  6. Stay connected to your breath and as the stars spin faster, imagine yourself illuminated by rays of light.
  7. Imagine it spinning faster and faster and try to feel its upward vibrations.
  8. When you tap into your vibrations, you may feel a surge of power, energy, or joy. This is a sure sign that you have awakened your Merkaba and its vibrations are flowing through you.
  9. It may feel overwhelming for a second and you may want to walk away, but surrender to the energy that draws you and see where it takes you.

With the help of meditation focused on the Merkaba symbol, you can reach an even deeper level of growth and understanding.

Merkaba meditation can go a long way and become a powerful tool for personal growth and development. With the support of breathing techniques, it can help you achieve a beautiful state of inner balance.


Other Methods



Furthermore, you can use your Merkaba Star Tetrahedron in other spiritual practices such as advanced Reiki or even constructing crystal grids. It works wonderfully when combined with crystal grids like Metatron’s Cube. 

Since crystals are known to increase intention, raise vibrations, and cleanse the chakras, they are a perfect fit for the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron. The simple act of wearing or holding a Merkaba Star Tetrahedron can also surround you with healing light and remind you of your intuitive power.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to connect with your higher self and deepen your spiritual practice, the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron could be a powerful tool for you

This symbol has been around for centuries and is steeped in meaning and tradition. It can help protect and uplift you, providing a space for connection and growth.

You can purchase one for yourself today and begin to experience all of the benefits that come with it. If you are interested in purchasing one of these symbols for yourself, visit our website today. May the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron bring peace, love, and light into your life!