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Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron

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Learn the principals of sacred geometry tetrahedron and how to use its power to bring positivity to your life. 

Have you ever seen a tetrahedron? It's one of the simplest 3D shapes, made up of four equilateral triangles. But what is its spiritual meaning? 

In this blog post, we'll explore the hidden symbolism and spiritual significance of the tetrahedron. We'll discuss how it represents the principles of unity, balance, and harmony, and learn how we can use its power to create positive change in our lives.

We have written about sacred geometry before, but let’s dive deeper into the simplest form of the Platonic solids – Tetrahedron – that make up the range of sacred forms.

Spiritual Meaning of the Tetrahedron



Physical Appearance

The spiritual definition of the tetrahedron, which literally means “having four planes”, is a triangular-based pyramid with four sides. It has 4 vertices, 4 faces, and 6 edges. 


Since each face is the same, it has a strange property: each face can be thought of as a base, so it has four-way symmetry and works the same no matter how you place it.


It’s also the first of the Platonic Solids, a collection of fundamental 3D shapes that have been studied closely for thousands of years and form the basic mathematics that shapes the surrounding universe. These solids are found everywhere in nature and help explain exactly why things are the way they are.

The Element of Fire



The tetrahedron is strongly associated with the element of fire, which associates it with drive, passion, and physical concerns. 

Also, it is related to the sun, making it a powerful conduit of light energy, which is one way this form has unlimited healing power. A crucial part of any kind of healing you can do is to achieve balance.


To achieve this, this sacred form can be invoked to balance your aura before cleansing. The reason is that it can stand on either side and maintain balance and stability. 


If you were to roll a four-sided die, you would see how quickly it stopped, a trait that carries over into the metaphysical realm as well. 


This form is primarily used for energy focus and healing purposes to visualize the energy points at the three corners of the base.


When these meet in the middle, they form a powerful stream of light that converges at the highest point. It has a strong connection to the mind-body-spirit connection as all three aspects come together within you and create something greater than their sum.

The Power of the Base Points



The sacred geometry tetrahedron prepares our mind-body-spirit connection to be equipped for deeper study and spiritual purposes. By examining the base of the tetrahedron with its three points and the top with a fourth point, one can begin to understand the energetic power of the sacred geometry tetrahedron.

First Point: The individual



Starting from one of the base points, we find the first point, the individual: you! 

In the sacred geometry tetrahedron, you must believe in and recognize the gifts you bring to the world to understand and share spiritual knowledge.


The energy that vibrates from this point in the center of the tetrahedron encompasses all of your physical abilities, your emotional state of mind, and the subconscious reverberations of your mind and heart.


To harness the full power of the tetrahedron, you must offer your own individual power to the divine plan.

Second Point: The Partnership




The sacred geometry tetrahedron requires collaboration and a shared commitment to a spiritual path


The energy of the second point comes from the spiritual alliances you begin to form on your spiritual journey.


The partnership you form in association with other spiritually-minded people helps to focus the energy towards the center of the tetrahedron.


At this point, commitment and a willingness to work your way together are essential. However, it’s important to realize that your spiritual path can become stretched, distorted, and detoured. 

This means that your loyalties may change because you have gone beyond the person’s advice or been recruited for your gifts in some other divine way.

Third Point: The Focus



The third point of the base of the tetrahedron represents spiritual focus. It means investing your energy, time, and intention in the greater divine purpose that you have been called to join. For the sacred geometry tetrahedron, this commitment is a bit different from the partnership commitment.


This third point returns the responsibility to the individual. You must work to remove the distractions and obstacles in your life that are keeping you from the spiritual path.


Investing time in the personal spiritual study helps the energy to be transmitted to the center of the tetrahedron.

Fourth Point: The Divine Spark




To bring out the full power of the sacred geometry tetrahedron, the energies of the three base points come together and ascend to the apex of the tetrahedron, the fourth point. This point contains realized spiritual consciousness that responds individually, in partnership, and is focused to ignite the divine spark

From there, the divine spark can be directed to a person, place, thing, or action to transmit the spiritual wisdom manifested through the tetrahedron.

What Does the 64 Tetrahedron Represent?



The 64-point star tetrahedron contains the vacuum geometry of all matter.

64 is the smallest number with exactly 7 divisors. There are 64 codons in human DNA. There are 64 manifestations of Shiva in Hinduism. 64 is encoded in YHWM (Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh), which means God in Hebrew. 

The 64-point tetrahedron is formed by connecting 8-star tetrahedrons at a central point. 

The form contains inside it the octahedron, the cube, the cuboctahedron, and the star tetrahedron.

Systems theorist, Buckminster Fuller, developed it as a precise method of conceptualizing space. He called this form the lattice of isotropic vectors. Isotropic means the same in all directions.


If you place spheres around each tetrahedron in the 64 tetrahedron grid, you get the 2D flower of life. 


Physicist, Nassim Haramein, shows us that this form represents the complete integration of the contractive and expansive forces of existence. 

By constructing one of these structures based on tetrahedrons himself, he discovered thanks to geometry that the tetrahedrons radiate towards the infinitely large and that the tetrahedrons contract toward the infinitely small.

How Do You Meditate with Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron?



If you wish to become familiar with this sacred form while bringing more focus and balance to your aura, you can engage in a meditation that harnesses its unique power. For this activity, you’ll need the materials listed below (or suitable alternatives):

  • A meditation space where you are not disturbed. It should be a place where you feel comfortable, which is why many people choose their living room or bedroom when no one else is home.
  • Three healing crystals. If possible, they should be of three different types, though any strong enough crystal can be used in a pinch. Quartz points and wands are particularly useful for amplifying and directing the frequencies you produce.
  • Some string or heavy thread. If you have a hardwood floor, you can use salts or chalk, although either option can cause an unnecessary mess.

The Meditation Process





  1. First, lay out the string in a large triangle or draw it with chalk or salt if you wish.
  2. Try to make the lines as straight as possible and of the same length. If you’re using string, cutting it first will help you get it right.
  3. Then place a crystal in each corner. Bless it as you do, invoke its power to clear the space and focus your energy. You could say “I bless this crystal and activate its holy power.”
  4. For finishing touches, you can light candles and play spiritual music, but the volume should be kept comfortably low. Scented oils and incense are also suitable, with citrus and menthol being preferred. Some people also like to burn sage before and after meditation for cleansing purposes. These finishing touches are optional, so tweak and choose what works for you.
  5. Now sit or kneel in the middle of the triangle and close your eyes.
  6. Let the stresses and worries of the day leave your mind as you slip into a meditative state. You may want to use mantras to help you.
  7. Once you have achieved a peaceful state of mind, it’s time to invoke the power of the Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron.
  8. Visualize auras of light energy emanating from each of the crystals at the corners of the triangle. Let them grow until they look like they are ready to burst.
  9. Then draw them into yourself. Visualize their release as rays of light converging at your Solar Plexus Chakra.
  10. You’ll feel a tingling as the energy expands your aura. Allow the energy to build up in and around you until it, too, is ready to burst forth.
  11. Harness this energy and allow it to travel through your chakra to your crown while allowing it to travel through your root and into the earth.
  12. Finally, release the energy in a ray of light that radiates up from your crown.
  13. Feel the excitement as your body becomes a channel of energy and surrenders to the power flowing through you.
  14. It only takes a moment. When finished, stay in a meditative state and be receptive to your higher self.
  15. Consider every thought that comes to mind and reflect on the connection you feel with this Sacred Geometry.

Congratulations! You’ve harnessed the healing power of the sacred geometry tetrahedron.

You should feel more grounded and balanced after all the negative energy you have absorbed has been removed from your soul. Give yourself a few minutes to stay on track before removing your meditation materials. Now, if you wish, you can burn sage to clear the space.


Final Thoughts on Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron

The sacred geometry tetrahedron is a powerful symbol that can help you connect with divine consciousness and bring greater spiritual meaning to your life. 

If you are interested in deepening your spiritual practice, consider purchasing a tetrahedron today. 

With this simple tool, you can open yourself up to new levels of understanding and connection with the divine forces that guide our world.