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What to Say When Smudging a House

Do you know what to say when you are smudging a house? Is not knowing what to say during the smudge keeping you from smudging your house? 

Do you know what to say when you are smudging a house? Is not knowing what to say during the smudge keeping you from smudging your house? 

Read on to find out exactly what to say when you smudge your home to cleanse your home of negative energies.


You may have just moved into a new home and want to create a positive space for yourself and your family. Perhaps you feel there is a lot of negativity built up in your home that you want to clean up with sage or other sacred medicine.


If you want to know what to say when smudging your home, by the end of this article you will know exactly how to bring those positive energies into your home and what to say when smudging. 

The choice of smudge prayers to say when smudging your home depending on several factors.


What is Smudging?

Smudging is a ritualistic practice of burning sacred plants such as white sage so that the smoke can purposely purify and bless a room. The purpose of this is to create vibrations and dispel or transmute negative energy or an unwanted entity or spirit. 

This ancient practice has been performed by a variety of ethnic groups and spiritual religions for centuries, including Native Americans, Buddhists, Hindus, Maori, Aboriginals, Balinese, and First Nations. 


Since the practice is rooted in the cultural and spiritual traditions of indigenous and ethnic groups, it should be noted that non-locals should consider cleansing their spaces in a way that is culturally and ecologically sensitive.


How to Set the Right Intention While Saging Your Home


Set your intention


The first step in helping you know what to say when you smudge your home is to think about the situation. Find out why you are smudging your house in the first place. 


Smudging of a new home can come on the day you move in and help you get rid of the negative energies that were left behind before you arrived. Or you could make smudging a daily ritual. The one that will help you feel at peace with your routine or yourself. 


Also, you can choose to smudge your home before a big decision or after a negative event.


Regardless of the reason you are smudging your house; the most vital thing is that you smudge it with good intentions and a desire to achieve a positive result. 


So the first step is to think about why you are smudging your home. Set your intention. 

Define your Intention


smudging your home


The second thing to do before you start smudging your home is to define your intentions. Intention means that you have a direction or plan for what you are doing. 

Ask yourself what is the purpose of your smudging? For instance, you may have had a bad day and want to clear the energy to feel better. 

Your intention for smudging in this instance might be to let go of those negative feelings and attract positive feelings so that you can feel better about yourself and your future. 


Maybe your intention is to feel better, or your intention could be to feel happier in your space or better in your home environment. It is very important to know what your intentions are if you are smudging. 


Understand what you are trying to do and why you are trying to do it. These simple questions are very important and can really help you find clarity in your life.



Sage smudging EMF Orgone Orgonite



What to Say When Smudging your Home


what to say when smudging your home


Now that you know what you are trying to do and what your intentions are, how do you really go about saying your prayer when you smudge your house?

The first step in knowing what to say when smudging your home is understanding your starting point. How do you feel now?


Before you start smudging, it is important to have an awareness of what you are thinking and what you are feeling now. Do you have positive thoughts, negative thoughts, and how do you feel about those thoughts?


If you want to feel better or more comfortable in your home, you have to start with your thoughts first because what we think is what we will feel. So if you think negative things you will feel bad, and if you think positive things you will feel good. 


Only when you are aware of this starting point, should you begin smudging.


Therefore, it is a very important starting point to be aware of your thoughts and how they make you feel. Once you realize what your thoughts are and how you feel about them, you can start to have more control over them.


Prepare your Smudge Prayer or Mantra


smudging sage


The next step in knowing what to say when you smudge your house is to prepare your smudge prayer or mantra. A good way to stay focused and be aware of your positive attitude is with a smudging prayer. 

It could simply be an act of taking stock of your experiences and emotions as you smudge. To focus orally, say a prayer or express your intentions. Some examples of this are asking and answering worthwhile question

  • What am I thankful for?             
  • What do I like the most about myself?
  • What really sets me apart?
  • And why is today a beautiful day?

There is also a simple smudging prayer just to say thank you. Something you can say every time is chi-miigwech to the Creator who gave us these sacred medicines to help us heal, protect ourselves, and lead a good life. 

You can also tell the Creator chi-miigwech for the four (4) directions, for your friends, family, for your health, and well-being.

Smudging Prayer to Remove Negative Energy from Home

Throughout our lives, we subconsciously accumulate negative entities, attachments, implants, thought patterns, etc. Remember that negativity from the past no longer serves you. You need white sage bundle, palo santo, abalone shell, or a flame retardant bowl to lighten your negative energies. Begin your slander prayer with a sage stick, invoke the light and say these words;

I authorize a team of Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters to be present. Enter my space and my time.

I invoke the consciousness of the Palo Santo and sage stick in conjunction with my almighty guide to completely purify my energy and all negativity, to release and purify any negative entity or anything that no longer serves or exists.

Release negative energy into divine light.

When we work with the energy of purification, it is important that we are grounded in our body first. Therefore, it’s important that we be strict in our request. It is absolutely necessary to open the windows to let out the negativity and bad energy.


Smudging Prayer to Invite Positive Energy


smudging sage in your home


There are also special smudging prayers that you can use to invite positive energy into your home. Some things to say is “to take control of all the negative energies or evil spirits that are in your space and ask them to have your home”. 


You can ask respectfully that any negative energy go to the Creator, to the other side, and enter the spiritual world so that you can be comfortable here in the physical world on Mother Earth. 


Smudging can banish negativity and attract positive energy. So as long as you start your smudging ceremony and have a clear intention to purify and cleanse your home and yourself, you’ll have a good experience.

Smudging Prayer to Invite Productivity into your Home

Many people are of the opinion that productivity comes from the divine and sacred container. Purifying your workplace will not only inspire you, it will also strengthen your intentions. This smudging prayer gives thanks to Divine sources, helping to manifest productivity.

Before you say this one-time smudging prayer, it is a smart idea to clean up or organize the room where you do your work. It is believed that “productivity comes first from the sacred container,” so you can try lighting a candle or incense before saying your mantra.


“I appeal to the divine abundance of productivity [or inspiration, creativity, etc.]. May the [contract, artwork, project, etc.] that I feel in my heart come true in a way that will benefit my highest good. Let it manifest itself in the way that best expresses its truth.”

What Should I do After Smudging?


What to say when you are smudging


After the smudging is complete, you can also rub the sage manually. Ensure your smudge stick is completely off. You can do this by rubbing the hot end in a small bowl of sand or ash. Check the end carefully to ensure there are no more hot embers. After putting it out, bury the sage or ashes to indicate the finality of negative energies that have lived in your room.


The last step in knowing what to say when you are smudging your home is to assess how you feel afterward. It is important to think about how you will feel after you finish smudging. 


Is how you feel now what you wanted to feel as you set your intentions? If so, that’s wonderful. 

If not, ask yourself why you may not have been successful. Maybe you are finding it difficult to focus on what you want to feel, or maybe what you are saying during your session doesn’t correspond well to the situation in the first step.

Or maybe you just aren’t reconnecting to yourself enough in your intentions and your true feelings. 


If you have not reached the good feelings and positive energies you were hoping for, start the process over again, possibly changing the questions you are asking yourself and trying to really focus on how it feels to answer those questions. 


By now, you should know exactly how to find the perfect smudge prayer phrase and what to say when smudging your house.

Does White Sage Smudging Really Work?

There is not much research on sage smudging. One study found that the use of medicinal smoke like sage resulted in a 94% reduction in airborne bacteria. There is also research that suggests the possibility that the body absorbs smudging rituals more effectively. Here are some benefits of sage smudging rituals.


The most common types of sage have antimicrobial properties, meaning they help keep infectious fungi, viruses, and bacteria at bay. White Prairie Sage is both antibacterial and antimicrobial. White sage is antimicrobial as well. And both types of sage have been proven to repel insects. The belief that sage burning removes pathogens, spiritual impurities, and even insects was central to smudging practice.

Relieves the Symptoms of Certain Medical Conditions

It turns out that sage can do a lot more than helping to purify the air of insects and bacteria. Although not scientifically proven, burning sage is believed to release negative ions. This is believed to help neutralize positive ions. Popular positive ions include allergens such as mold, dust, pollution, and pet dander. Thus, sage burning can be of great help to people with bronchitis, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. However, inhaling the smoke during the smudging ritual can make any respiratory illness worse. Wait for the smoke to clear before entering the room.

Can be a Spiritual Tool

Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used to connect with the spirit realm or to improve intuition. For laypeople and healers in traditional cultures, sage smudging is used to achieve a state of healing, or to solve or reflect spiritual problems. It can also be scientifically based. Some types of sage, including white sage and prairie sage, contain thujone. Research has shown that thujone is mildly psychoactive. It is actually found in many plants that are used in cultural spiritual rituals to improve intuition.

Can Help Dispel Negative Energy

Smudging can also be used as a ritual tool to rid yourself or your space of negative entities. This includes negative vibes, bad experiences, or past trauma of others. It can help you create a positive environment for meditation or other rituals. The decision to sit down and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this establishes your intention and commitment to improve yourself. The decision to participate in a smudging ritual can be the beginning of a change in mentality.

Can Empower or Cleanse Certain Items

Sage burning creates a fragrant smoke that is essential to smudging benefits. You can use a sage bundle or sage stick to smudge yourself or specific areas. Or, you can smudge certain objects according to some sources. This can be helpful for secondhand items, new purchases, or gifts. However, you can smudge every item. If you have concerns about the negative energy or history associated with a new or unfamiliar object, smudging ritual can help create peace of mind and make the item more sacred to you.

Can Help Improve Your Mood

Tradition suggests that smudging rituals can literally lift your mood to banish negative vibes. There is research supporting this. A 2014 study documented white prairie sage as an essential traditional remedy for treating mood disorders, depression, and anxiety in some cultures.

Can Help Reduce Stress

While burning sage can lift your mood, it could be a great stress reliever as well. A 2016 University of Mississippi research found that white sage is rich in compounds that activate certain brain receptors. These receptors are responsible for relieving stress, increasing mood, and even relieving pain.

Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Sage smudging has traditionally been used to protect against negative entities that could hinder sleep. According to some research, sage contains compounds that can help relieve insomnia. Classic garden sage is often burned like white sage. It has also been used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep.

Can Help Stimulate Cognition

Besides dispersing bad energy, strengthening intuition, and improving mood, sage smudging can improve focus and memory. A 2016 review of the studies found that the evidence for salvia's cognitive benefits is promising, possibly for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. However, more research is needed.

Can Help Increase your Energy Levels

Liberating the body, spaces, and objects from bad energy can help to usher in fresher, newer, and positive energies. In a way, it could have an energizing effect and fight fatigue. Some sage-like species closely associated to the white prairie sage are used for smudging as well. Many have documented anti-fatigue uses.

What Causes Negative Energy in House?

Whether you believe in negative auras or energies surrounding your space is your personal choice. Believe it or not, one thing we all agree on is that often a space is just "uncomfortable." This feeling is clear in dirty or messy places, but often the cause of a general negative feeling about a particular space or place can be more difficult to pin down. Thinking back to your own home, do you sometimes find that there are certain rooms that appeal to you more than others?

The cause is typically the bad energy emitted by that space. There are many reasons this space in your subconscious can be viewed as negative and, as we mentioned earlier, some are more difficult to understand than others. Also, you may find that your vision of a room turns sour or sweet depending on the changes made to the room. Working from home can be very tedious, as you need to ensure that your workplace is set up to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit in order to increase and maintain maximum productivity. Here are some of the factors that can cause negative energy in your space.

Tense Feeling or Unable to Relax in your Space

Think of your home as a multitude of rooms. You need spaces for physical needs like the bathroom, bathroom, and kitchen, spaces for activities like a garden or office, and spaces for relaxation like a lounge or a bedroom.

Without a designated relaxation space, you are likely to feel more fatigued, anxious, and stressed.

Over time, this can develop into physical symptoms like headaches and abdominal pain, so a space to relax is really important. Try to keep your relaxing area as clutter-free and clean as possible. A messy room is a stressful space because you are constantly looking at clutter or dirt and thinking about cleaning it up, rather than concentrating on your relaxing activities or just keeping your distance.

Cluttered Space

Some rooms in your home are designed for productivity, such as a kitchen, studio, or office. However, with negative entities in your room, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand and your productivity in that space may decrease. Similarly, try to reduce clutter in your work area. This is because clutter creates a visual distraction that leads to overstimulation, making it difficult to focus on your project.

Even with the space tidy, you should ideally avoid leaving any item with a lot of vivid images, text, or pattern in your workspace’s eye line.

In fact, as you work, your gaze is naturally distracted from your project to the visual distraction, even if you don't realize it. Keep your workplace clean and orderly. At the end of every work day, put away all notebooks, pens, or papers to avoid clutter. Cluttered space leads to overloaded thoughts. So, if you regularly suffer from brain fog at work, you probably have negative energy that needs to be removed in your workspace.

Strong Aromas

While strong aromas can be great for calming down after a long day, strong aromas can be annoying at work and lead to cloudy thoughts and headaches when you stay in a small room for long periods of time. For instance, if you find frankincense helps guide your mind, choose light floral scents over heavier earthy scents like amber and sandalwood.

Lighting a candle in your workplace can help you channel positive energy, but sticking with a fresh apple scent or a subtle peony scent is recommended.

Ensure you regularly ventilate your workspace. An enclosed, cluttered space can be a breeding ground for negative energy that allows it to build up and permeate your space. During the winter months, it is not the best idea to have a window open while you work. Try opening the window for half an hour when you finish your task.

This will let in much needed fresh air and remove bad energy from your space. In spring and summer, try to keep the window open as much as possible. Not only does this make your workspace fresh and lively, but it has also been shown that nature noises such as birdsong reduce stress and create an ambient soundtrack for a productive work day.

Antique or Second Hand Objects

One of the main drawbacks of negative energy in the home is antique or second hand items. So, if you are a collector, you will need to cleanse these items when they come into your home. Objects can keep their history and the energy that was put into them by previous owners. The energy signature can fill your space with bad energy or energy alien to your home and throw things off balance.

There are several things you can do to remove negative energy from objects. From your own spiritual perspective, there are a variety of cleansing rituals that you can participate in. Whenever a new used item comes into your home, you should clean or wash it. This not only removes dirt from the object, but cleanses its energy as well. It might sound crazy, but it also gives you time to connect with the object and appreciate what makes it more meaningful when you put it in your home.

Also, ensure that your items are repaired ASAP. Throwing away good or valuable items just because they have been damaged is not a good idea. However, when it comes to minimizing negative energy, it’s important to fix broken objects quickly. Dealing with broken items in your room on a regular basis can make you anxious and restless.

What Smudging Kit is Right for Me? 


What to say when smudging your home


At Orgone Energy, we believe in the healing powers of smudging. Burning sage, which is also known as medicinal smoke, is believed to release powerful negative ions into the air to reduce airborne bacteria. 

In addition to clearing the bacteria in the air, studies have shown the increase of negative ions can act as a natural antidepressant. 

This is no surprise to us. At Orgone Energy, we understand the power of negative ions on the body. That is why we have created our brand new Smudging Kit. This kit includes one bouquet of  dried Salvia apiana. It also includes a beautiful natural colored Abalone shell and beautiful holder. This beautiful and healing kit is the perfect gift for a new homeowner. It is also a perfect opportunity to cleanse before starting any new project or opportunity.