Ultimate EMF Detector Review

Are you worried about the electromagnetic field radiation within your house or maybe you are looking to hunt ghosts and need equipment to assist you in the hunt? As technology and cellphones have advanced you can easily do almost anything with your phone. Including making your Android or iPhone into an EMF detector. It makes no sense to download the apps without prior knowledge of the science behind it. After all, you should know how it works and whether the app actually works. So before reviewing the Ultimate EMF Detector app, we look at how an EMF detector works.

How an EMF Meter/Detector Works?

The basic function of an EMF meter is to read the electric and magnetic field. Meters analyze the flux (change) in the magnetic field strength with the use of highly-sensitive components. The meter has to stay still for an accurate measurement otherwise the reading will artificially fluctuate as you move the meter through the magnetic field. Moving around and using the meter will however, reveal hotspots throughout the location you are analyzing so you can carry out further reading on those spots.

When you find an area with higher frequency of EMF it means that there is a high emission of electromagnetic radiation from the area. Which of course is hazardous for your health in regards to the radiation it emits and also the more chances of the area being highly flammable, in case of electric wires. There won’t be much radiation emitted if you detect a ghost but more likely than not if you notice a flux in the meter it is due to wiring or a non-ghost related EMF detection.

Now that we know the basic reasoning behind the EMF meter, we can look at how to read it.

Reading the Different Types of Meters

Depending on the type of EMF meter you have, you will either have an analog, digital, or a series of light. When detecting EMF on an analog meter, you will notice the needle move from zero to a point, the higher the reading the more EMF is present. On a light sensor, if no EMF is present then it will be without any light as soon as it detects EMF the light turns on and the severity of EMF will depend on which light turns on. The blue/green light means low or limited presence of EMF while red means a high level is present. On digital meters the reading will be 0 and increase once EMF is present.

Now that we have an idea of how the meters work. We can gain a better understanding of the application and how to go about working it.

Review: Ultimate EMF Detector Free and Pro

If you are looking for a simple app which can help you detect electromagnetic fields within your home then Ultimate EMF Detector by MRE Programming is a must try. Sorry iPhone users this app is currently only available for Android phones.

To get started you can download the application from the Google Play store or download the apk file to your computer. We downloaded it to your computer cause we found it easier then exported the apk file to an Android phone. Unpack the apk file in your phone and install the app. At first glance, the app may seem a bit sophisticated, but don’t worry it isn’t.

You will notice it has an on/off button, LED light meter, an analog/needle meter, and a digital display. The lights go from green to yellow to red, indicating the seriousness of EMF emission while the analog meter goes from 0 to max. The digital display shows the exact reading.

Display of the Ultimate EMF Detector

You will notice it has an on/off button, LED light meter, an analog/needle meter, and a digital display. The lights go from green to yellow to red, indicating the seriousness of EMF emission while the analog meter goes from 0 to max, the digital display shows the exact reading.

We decided to run a test around our office. When pointing to electronic devices you could easily notice a spike in the readings. We held it for about 15 to 20 seconds in front of the object and the reading would jump within 3-5 seconds. So the app is quite responsive and quick to pick up on the reading. Typically, the analog meter was first then the other two followed. The reading on the digital shows you the electromagnetic field reading, the minimum and maximum and the reading of the different axis (x,y,z).


Reading with graph of Magnetic Field B        Auxiliary Field H Reading

Once you have a reading, the app let’s you get a more in depth look at them with its break down of the Magnetic Field B reading (microTesla) and Auxiliary Field H reading (ampere per meter). These allow you to get a better idea of exactly which range it should be and where it is at.

When moving around, the readings didn’t seem too accurate but that is normal since the magnetic field changes as you move. It did allow us to locate some hotspot for further testing though.

Now to test the accuracy of the app, we lined it up with a Trifield 100XE EMF meter. We picked this because it is easy to use and gives us readings of the magnetic field, electric field, and radio frequencies. So side by side we pointed it to numerous spots in the office. How did the app fair? It did fairly well when it comes to detecting areas where there is a spike in the electromagnetic field. The two had spikes in a lot of similar areas, which we thought was pretty cool, but not all. The app showed spikes at times whereas the 100XE did not.

Even though, the app faired well in showing similar spikes, the reading on the two were almost never the same. Which didn’t bum us out too much considering the app is using the phone and has limited capability as compared to an actual EMF meter.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the app. When we first downloaded it, we weren’t really expecting much from it. It may not give you an exact reading but it does allow you to label hotspots and know where there is a spike in electromagnetic field and radiation.

The application is free and also has a pro version that can be purchased. The difference is that the pro version comes with the following, which the free version does not have:

  • No ads
  • Notification through sound when there is a change in EMF
  • Background skins for the detector

No matter which one you download, the reading will be the same and so will the results and breakdown of the readings. We did however, find the sound notification helpful in the pro version as it added to the whole experience of EMF hunting.

Please note that the Ultimate EMF Detector uses the magnetic sensors of your phone for readings. So if your phone doesn’t have a magnetic sensor or it doesn’t work well then the app will not work. The readings are as accurate as the magnetic sensor.

So if you are looking to impress your friends on a ghost hunt or just looking to go around your home to see how much EMF and radiation there may be then this application can certainly help you identify spots. With over 500,000 downloads we aren’t the only fan of the app. We recommend once you have located hotspots around your home, you get professionals to come in and really look into the readings and analyze how much radiation is emitted and if it is hazardous to you.