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Will Aluminum Foil Block 5G?

Will Aluminum Foil Block 5G? The next generation of wireless communication, 5G, has transformed the world of digital communication. Unfortunately,  as the old saying goes, everything has its price and 5G is no exception.


The question is: will aluminum foil block 5G? And where exactly should the aluminum foil be placed? Read on to find out!


The next generation of wireless communication, 5G, has transformed the world of digital communication. 

With top speeds leaping dramatically from 4G’s 10MB/s to up to 20 GB/s and network latencies from 30ms to around 1ms, 5G seems to be the dream of the digital age. 

For the average person, 5G means top game speeds, unrealistic real-time video buffering, and a real-time connection between everything, even from a digital distance. A concept better known as the “IoT” (Internet of Things).


Unfortunately,  as the old saying goes, everything has its price and 5G is no exception. As 5G’s popularity and speed continue to hit the headlines, part of society is questioning the dangers to the health of this new kid in the technology market. 


There are many Faraday bags, smartphone cases, and other small devices these days that claim to protect you from 5G radiation. A popular method is to line one (or both) sides of your 5G-enabled phone case with good, old-fashioned aluminum foil. 


The Dangers of 5G Radiation


Dangers of 5G radiation


Most of the research and studies conducted over the past decade on the health hazards posed by 5G radiations have given us complex conclusions and answers. 


Recently, an extensive study showed that male rats exposed to high 2G and 3G radio frequencies developed cancerous heart tumors.


 A senior scientist linked with this study, John Butcher, clarified that exposure levels and durations in the study were above the highest possible human exposure level. In addition, 2G and 3G differ from 5G in several ways.

Additionally, the American Cancer Society concluded that most studies examining the harmful effects of cellular radiofrequency radiation failed to link tumor development. Considering all these aspects, while 5G has the same effect on the human body, it also requires further research in this area.


5G protection


Is 5G Safe?


Is 5G safe?


While such statements rule out deadly dangers, there are more tangible reasons to believe that 5G is not entirely safe for the human body either. 

5G works with millimeter waves. Millimeter waves are waves with very long wavelengths and very small frequencies.

With the present state of cellular signaling infrastructure, it means that if you drive behind a building or walk across a tree, you will lose 5G signals on your cell phone.


To overcome natural and man-made obstacles, cell towers and base stations are being built at shorter distances, creating an atmosphere of radiofrequency signals around us.


Dr. Joel Moskowitz, professor of public health at the University of California, says these ubiquitous millimeter waves could be the cause of skin, eye, and nervous system problems. Because millimeter waves are much weaker than microwaves, the pores of the skin can absorb them more easily. 

Beyond that, nerve endings and capillaries in the epidermal layer of the skin can bring about the biological transmission of this radiation through molecular mechanisms to the body’s nervous system. This is particularly dangerous for the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

Does Foil Block 5G?


Can aluminum foil block 5G


As aluminum foil is metal, it can block 5G signals. The thin sheet acts as a shield and prevents radiofrequency EMF from reaching it. This ability was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1836 when he completely covered a room with aluminum foil. 

When powerful electrical charges were released on this outer surface, he quickly discovered that the foil was completely preventing them from entering the room. This invention, now known as the Faraday cage, has become the most common way to protect areas from electromagnetic fields. 


aluminum foil


You can test it yourself. Get a large sheet of aluminum foil, lay it flat, place your phone on top, and wrap it up. Call now, you’ll discover the phone has no signal. These millimeter waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. The aluminum foil works as a barrier and entirely blocks these waves.

Not all Shields are Created Equal


radiation shields


Many places use sheet-like materials as EMF shielding to prevent radio waves from entering key areas. For instance, in hospitals, they protect MRI rooms from EMFs by using protective materials around them. Without this shielding, MRI machines cannot use their magnets to generate images, leading to poor image quality. Like the shielding, aluminum foil reduces the strength of the EMF signal, also known as attenuation. 

However, not all shields are the same as every material has different attenuation capabilities. For example, concrete walls have an attenuation of 10 to 15 decibels, while the aluminum foil is more effective at 85 decibels.


The high rate of attenuation makes foil an excellent method of blocking millimeter waves. And its low price makes it a great option for those who want to reduce their risk when navigating this wireless world.


However, you must remember that while aluminum blocks EMF radiation, it doesn’t absorb it. RF and EMF radiation travel in a straight line. So, you’re only protected if there’s a material that can block radiation directly between you and the radiation source.


Although the aluminum foil reflects some of the RF energy from your body, it doesn’t provide 100 percent protection. 


Radio wave propagation is a science in its own right. Also, note that you can increase protection by using multiple layers of film separated by tape or other non-conductive material (such as plastic). You can also use copper tape to get better performance. But as always, the best protection is when you are not using it – turn it off!

Ways to Use Aluminum Foil to Block 5G Radiation

block 5G radiation


Although aluminum foil provides powerful protection against millimeter waves, knowing how to use it is not always so simple. Since cell phones are the most common in everyday life, it's helpful to make an aluminum foil case in case you carry them in your pocket. Since this will completely disable data transfer on your phone, you will only want to use this method when you aren’t expecting an important call.


Keep your phone away from your body when it is not in use. This can be done by storing it far away from your body, such as a spot across the room. 


You can use similar tactics with laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices. But rather than turning them into a case, just put them in a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil. The box acts as your personal Faraday cage, keeping radio waves safe in and away from you.

How Do I Block 5G Signals in my House?


5g signals in the house


Buy an EMF Meter

Purchase an EMF meter and use it to identify the intensity and high radiation areas close to you. With this knowledge, you can plan where you will spend most of your time in order to minimize exposure to 5G radiation. 

Distance Yourself

Keep routers, computers, phones, and other devices away from the body, particularly when you are sleeping. Limit the time you spend with these devices. Instead of carrying your phone in your pocket, slip it into your purse.

Use EMF Shields

More and more studies pointing to the potential health hazards as a result of EMF exposure. As a result, many suppliers in the market have developed EMF shielding for digital devices. 

At Orgone Energy we have developed a line of EMF protection products for personal, home and travel protection. Our products have been developed with over 20 years of testing. 



One of our most popular home protection products is the Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator. The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.


Another powerful product that can reduce the effects of 5G radiation is the Phone Radiation EMF Protector. It is designed to eliminate radiation emissions by harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of this harmful energy, rather than shielding or blocking them, these create a healthy life-force chi by constantly generating beneficial healthy Negative Ions. This reduces the heat you feel in your head whilst using your cell phone.



EMF 5G protection

Enjoy Superfoods

According to Peter Economy, “Superfoods are rich in nutrients and a catalyst for general well-being and good health.” For our body to protect itself from 5G radiation, we have to be able to speed up and enhance the ability of our body. That’s why you have to eat superfoods. Some of the nutritious vegetables like seeds, nuts, and legumes include beets, cabbage, raspberries, spinach, kale, green tea, chard, eggs, garlic, turmeric, lentils, strawberries, blueberries, alfalfa, peas, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, seaweed, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, hemp seeds, yogurt, kefir, etc.


As 5G rollout continues to spread, you don’t have to wander through life hoping for the best because you have foil on your side. By using this inexpensive solution as a barrier, you can reduce your exposure to 5G radiation. All you have to do is grab a reel for a few dollars and use the method that works best for the devices in your life.