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How to Block Radio Waves in your Home

The average person encounters a dozen types of radiation at any time in their life. However, your health and that of your family are most likely at risk from constant exposure to EMFs and radio frequencies (RF). Learn more about how to minimize your risk and block radio waves in your home. 
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The average person encounters a dozen types of radiation at any time in their life. However, your health and that of your family are most likely at risk from constant exposure to EMFs and radio frequencies (RF).


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) issued a press release classifying radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “potentially carcinogenic to humans” according to results published in the World Health Organization’s Interphone study.

The vast majority of this radiation is harmless. A small part of this radiation is actually helpful, but a small part causes damage. 

With the increase in technology also comes an increase in exposure. We must therefore ask ourselves the question: “How can I protect my house from electromagnetic radiation?” 

The simple answer is to stay away from EMF sources, but the more comprehensive answer is to learn what to worry about and what to ignore. Follow these tips to block radio waves in your home and protect yourself and your family.

What Materials Block Radio Waves Most Effectively?


block radio waves in your home


Depending on where you live, removing all radio waves from your home can be quite difficult. But the good news is that you can build your own home and incorporate many popular materials into your home to block radio waves and 5G signals. 


EMF protection


In fact, you can stop radio waves by absorbing them with dielectrics (also called insulators) and deflecting or reflecting them with electrical conductors. Together, conductors and dielectrics are the two types of materials that have a considerable impact on electromagnetic waves.


Reflection of Radio Waves with Dielectrics


block radio waves in the house

Although dielectrics allow radio waves to pass through, they absorb and reflect a substantial amount of their power. When a radio wave in motion comes into contact with a dielectric material, the material keeps some of the power of the waves, converts that power, and distributes it using thermal energy. 

One notable dielectric surface is a silvery mirror which, according to Adrian Popa, director emeritus of Hughes Research Laboratories, reflects about 95% of radio power and absorbs about 5% of radio power. While some of the radio radiation is reflected off a clear glass window, most of it passes directly through. The following are examples of other dielectric substances:

  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Teflon

Besides these solid materials, pure liquid water is also an extraordinary dielectric. But be careful! Because they sometimes transmit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, dielectrics must be somewhat thick to have a considerable impact. So, the effects of a light coating of water or a single sheet of paper won’t protect anyone from radio waves.


Reflecting Radio Waves with Conductors


block radio waves in the home

Unlike dielectrics, which are mostly non-metallic, conductors are exclusively metal. Here are some examples of exceptional conductors:

  • Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

While conductors absorb most of the electromagnetic radiation they come in contact with, they can do wonders by deflecting that radiation and keeping it out of your home. More preferably, the conductive materials do not need the necessary dielectric insulation thickness to be effective.

Scientific American noted, “small amounts of rubber, cotton, wax paper, and plastic wrap are unlikely to obstruct radio waves. Nonetheless, aluminum foil, as well as other electrically conductive metals like copper, can absorb and reflect radio waves and therefore interfere with their transmission.”

Radio Wave-Proofing Your Home


block radio waves in your home


Depending on the composition and thickness of the materials in your house, you may be able to block radio waves and 5G signals successfully or at least interfere with it. By surrounding your interiors with the appropriate substances in the appropriate proportions, you can greatly reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation.

How to Block Radio Waves in Your House


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Blocking all elements of the electromagnetic spectrum entering your home requires a lot of effort, time, and specialized materials. Blocking some electromagnetic ranges can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. When reducing electromagnetic fields in the home, consider factors such as the refraction of angles in the home, access points, as well as internal structure’s composition.


Where EMFs Hide in the House

Most of the EMFs in your home enter through your windows in the form of light. The second most important source is the walls, which capture and transfer heat from the outside. The highest source of ionizing radiation that enters the home is also the windows in the form of sunlight, especially the ultraviolet component. If the wiring in your home is old or bad, it can also create EMF. This is not typical and generally has an appreciable heating effect.


Basic Shielding

  • To start protecting yourself against electromagnetic radiation, you’ll need thick blackout curtains.
  • Then remove the plugs from the outlet. If you have ever felt an adapter or been close to the back of the refrigerator, you have felt the heat it generates. That heat is EMF.
  • Eliminate all types of microwaves and turn your stove into a gas stove.
  • Turn off all wireless devices in the house and remove all wireless routers.

The Best Home Protection



To further block EMF and 5G signals and protect yourself almost completely from electromagnetic radiation, you need to take more steps. You can buy the Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator to neutralize noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace. 

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the unhealthy and noxious positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of bioplasmic radiation, earth radiation, Wi-Fi, RF, and EMR.



Furthermore, you can protect your house from EMF exposure by using highly protective Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators. These powerful Orgone accumulators are beneficial for neutralizing and harmonizing smart meters and geopathic stress as well as all forms of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic fields, and electro-pollution.



With the Orgone Generator Water Ionizer, you can easily improve the quality of your water and food. These water and food rejuvenation plates are designed to infuse a negative charge to energize liquids and food to improve their taste, frequency, and hydration qualities. The plates can dissolve residual energy from veggies and fruit grown in a radioactive geological matter such as coal and uranium.


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