Orgone Energy Radiation And EMF Protection
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Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity And Environmental Illness

Cause Of Hyper Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Porphyria Book


Porphyria - Causes Of Environmental Illness

As the cover indicates, this hidden problem is often the last piece of the puzzle for many chronic and Environmental illnesses.

Porphyria [pronounced poor-fair’-ee-uh] is NOT a rare disease, rather 20% of mankind may have the acute intermittent Porphyria genetic defect that shows itself after stress, toxicity, drugs, or microorganism — Candida, parasites, Lyme Disease, viruses —overgrowth.

Once the Porphyria is active, people then become chronically ill, or very “allergic.”

What is Porphyria?  Do you have an intolerance of caffeine, alcohol, stress, medication, vitamin and mineral supplements and MSG are possible signs of underlying Porphyria — as are Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Electromagnetic Field (EMF) sensitivity and other Environmental Illnesses?  

Other books about Porphyria books are often incorrect and of little or no value for “allergic” people

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