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5 Benefits of an Orgone Generator That You’ll Notice Immediately

Many are curious about just how EMF protection can help them. Check out the five benefits of an Orgone Generator that you’ll notice immediately.
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Many are curious about just how EMF protection can help them. Check out the five benefits of an Orgone Generator that you’ll notice immediately.


What is Orgone Energy and How Does it Work?  


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Orgone energy is essentially the energy that permeates everything. You might even know it by another name: Ch’i or “the fifth element.”


This was originally proposed by an Austrian Psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. He dedicated considerable time to studying orgone energy to understand its real nature, existence, and properties from a scientific point of view.


Reich postulated that there existed an etheric bio-energetic force that animated our material world. His ideas were not entirely new because they already exist in more traditional cultural beliefs, manifesting as the more popular Ch’i of Taoism and Prana in Hinduism.


Finding a Healthy Balance



Reich believed that orgone energy was of three types: Positive Orgone Energy (POR), Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) and Neutral Orgone Energy (OR). Each of them affects the physical and mental well-being of an individual.


He proposed that a balance of these energies was needed to attain total well-being, pointing out his belief that a lot of diseases were the result of deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone. Hence, he founded the Orgone Institute in 1942. Although the Institute eventually closed, Reich performed a lot of experiments to this credit.


Understanding Positive Orgone Energy

Positive Orgone Energy is usually concentrated in natural settings, such as in the forest, or near a waterfall, while deadly Orgone Energy is usually associated with nuclear plants, industrial zones, big cities, electromagnetic radiations, and geopathic stress regions.

Geopathic stress regions are areas with sources of large amounts of natural or man-made Orgone Energy.


Unfortunately, with the increased use of electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, television receivers, electrical structures, these devices cause electromagnetic radiation to be produced in abundance. Many locations we live in are fast becoming key geopathic stress locations for this reason.



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The Creation of the Orgone Accumulator Box

Reich’s observations and experiments led to the inventions that he used in the manipulation of orgone energy.

He was able to detect that orgone energy was drawn to successive layers of organic and inorganic materials and on this observation, he created the Orgone Accumulator Box (aka ORAC) which, as the name implies could draw in and accumulate orgone energy irrespective of what type.

It was made up of alternating layers of wood and metal that could infuse an individual with high levels of the orgone energy it had accumulated.


The only downside to this was that the Accumulator Box wasn’t discriminatory of the type of orgone energy it accumulated. In other words, the box could just as easily accumulate DOR, and this could be potentially dangerous in areas saturated with such type of energy.


That point made, Reich tested his Accumulator box (though filled with POR) on patients and plants and testified to its positive and amazing effects on them.

He also invented what was called the Cloud Buster, which consisted of an array of hollow metal pipes and tubes connected to water. He ascertained that it could attract Deadly Organic Energy from the clouds, ultimately cause rain and in effect, control the weather.

Although his findings were not appreciated and he was rather unpopular with the authorities, Reich helped lay the foundation for the modern analysis of the subject area of orgone energy.


Defining Orgonite Following New Compositions


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Shortly after this, Karl Welz, an independent researcher, found a better way to combine the inorganic and organic substances to attract orgone energy back in the 80s. He found that suspending bits of metal in hardened resin formed an arrangement that had the ability to draw and hold orgone energy just like Reich’s Orgone Accumulator Box.

However, where the Accumulator Box attracted all types of Orgone energy, accumulated it and released it just as it was, Karl Welz’s device worked to release only Positive Orgone Energy. He called this new composition Orgonite, and this is the basis on which the modern day Orgone generator and other orgonite devices are formed.


An Alternative to Orgonite

We now know that Orgonite, which releases positive energy, can be harmful to humans.


This is why we at Orgone Energy have developed Orgonium as an alternative, which, instead of adding to the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, produces negative energy and ions to counteract the positive ions present in the air. This produces a 'grounding' or 'balancing' effect.


Orgone devices−also known as a chi generator−work on the principle of transforming deadly Orgone Energy into good Orgone energy by the action of both the organic and inorganic components and feeding this back out.

While the organic materials (the resin) attracts and absorbs the Deadly Orgone Energy, the suspended metals change its polarization and then shoot it back out by a repulsion action because of their differing polarities.

When the energy goes through the continuous layers of inorganic and organic substances constantly (to a point), it becomes “excited,” increasing its vibrations and thus causing its purification (by way of polarization).



What are the Effects of Orgone Generators? 



The effects of Orgone Generators are readily noticeable, and they include:


Better Sleep and Vivid Dreams


Better sleep with EMF protection


The positive energy in an orgonized room causes the sleeper to enjoy a deeper and much better quality of sleep that’s free of restlessness.


Orgone generators help with sleep disorders and disturbances. As a result, they help to eliminate the feeling of morning fatigue and inertia, causing a boost in energy levels from the start of the day.


Dreams are more vivid, and there are fewer occurrences of bad dreams because of the presence of more POR in the space to balance out the DOR present.

Improved Mental Clarity, Clear Brain Waves, and a Sense of Well-Being


Improve well-being with EMF protection


With all the POR being transferred into the atmosphere, there occurs a huge change in individual moods in a positive manner.

Orgone generators also have the added effects of producing negative ions (oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron) that affect moods positively via raised serotonin blood levels.

Accelerated and Healthier Plant Growth



Orgone energy affects every living thing because it is life energyfrom humans to animals and even plants.

With an Orgone generator present, you will be able to see this effect first hand. Plants tend to thrive in the presence of Positive Orgone energy. Many experiments have been carried out to ascertain this, and they have been able to successfully prove this.

Supports Faster Wound Healing

Orgone energy helps to facilitate faster healing of wounds. It should be noted that it is not a medicine, so actual visits to the hospital and proper attention and treatments should be given to wounds.

However, it helps to promote faster healing after necessary treatments have been carried out.

Calming Effects on Animals


calming effect of Orgone Energy


Just like plants and humans, orgone energy affects animals as well. The presence of an orgone generator has positive effects on pets. It will calm them down and reduce their fussing.



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Purchasing Your Orgone Generator

These are just a few of the benefits that an Orgone life force generator offers. There are in fact a lot more attached to the use of this amazing device; and what’s more, they come in different preferences.



For a generalized effect for your home and living spaces, the GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer are just perfect, but if you are looking for a more personalized Orgone Generator, then Quantum Orgone Pendants are a lot more suitable. Whatever your choice of delivery is, remember, it’s the positive energy it brings you that truly matters.