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Best EMF Protection from Cell Phones (Smartphones) Review 

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Staying connected with your cell phone is a great convenience, but also leaves you vulnerable to EMF emissions. Check out the best EMF protection from cell phones 2022. 

Look down at your hand. Chances are, you are holding a cell phone. If you are holding a phone, you are in good company. In 2022, the number of mobile phone users is 7.26 billion, which accounts for  91.54% of the global population. 


A whopping 83.72% of those phones are smartphones and this number just keeps growing.

Since the inception of cell phones in 1973, mobile device connections have consistently outnumbered the world population. This makes cell phones the fastest growing human made technology. 

Smartphones have become integrated into our everyday lives. With constantly improving technology, your smartphone is your clock, calendar, camera, health monitor and more.


Our phones have integrated themselves into our everyday lives. Many people start and end their day by scrolling through their phones. 

While this technology can be a wonderful convenience, after all, you have almost anything you need at the palm of your hands, it also has its downsides. 


Exposure to EMF


Many forms of technology, including cell phones, emit radiation. While some radiation can be beneficial, such as radiation from the sun which warms the earth and nurtures plants, radiation can also be damaging

Radiation is categorized as either ionizing or non-ionizing. Low frequency EMFs occur at frequencies below 300 Hz. High frequency EMFs are above 300 Hz. 

Examples of higher-frequency EMFs include x-rays and gamma rays. These EMFs are referred to as ionizing radiation. They can damage DNA or cells directly.

Non-ionizing EMFs would include your smartphone, wireless router, appliances, and power lines. 

While many consider non-ionizing EMF to be ‘safe’, both types of EMFs can cause biological effects. 


Does EMF Exposure From Cell Phones Cause Cancer? 



Some scientists believe that low frequency EMFs can cause cancer indirectly. For example, exposure to EMFs can reduce the hormone melatonin in the body. Some scientific studies link a reduction in melatonin with a reduced ability for the body to fight the development of certain tumors. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cellphones as 'possibly carcinogenic.'


Recent studies demonstrate higher rates of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma located only on the side of the head where individuals used their cell phone.


Another study from Berkeley University found  the use of a cell phone for more than 1,000 hours, or about 17 minutes a day over a ten year period, increased the risk of  cancerous tumors by 60 percent.


Symptoms of EMF Exposure 



Many people experience symptoms from EMF exposure without knowing their cause. 

Those who suffer from these symptoms are known as having ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ and report many symptoms related to their exposure to EMF including : 

  • Headaches
  • Body pain
  • Tremor
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Lethargy 
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Nausea
  • Burning sensation
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Anxiety



 Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation When Not in Use? 




Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals to and from cell towers in the area. 

To understand whether or not cell phones emit emf radiation when they're not used, you need to understand how a phone itself works. Your cell phone converts voice signals into radio waves. Radio waves travel through air at the speed of light and transport digitized voice or data in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic fields (EMF).


As long as your phone is on and active it is constantly sending and receiving signals even if it is not in use. 


Fortunately, when your cell phone is not in use the level of radiation emitted is drastically reduced when compared to using your cell phone and especially when using your phone while charging.

This level of EMF emissions can be drastically reduced when your cell phone is put in ‘airplane mode’ but can only be completely stopped by turning the phone off. 


EMF Protection While Using Your Cell Phone


Of course turning off your cell phone is not usually an option for most people. Not only do most people use their cell phone to stay connected in business and in their personal lives, it is also necessary in case of emergency. 


Fortunately, there are EMF protection options that allow you to stay connected and use your cell phone without suffering the effects of EMF.


In this article we will look at three different options for EMF protection while using your cell phone. 


Shungite EMF Protection Plate  


While shungite has certainly become much more popular recently, this stone is certainly not a new phenomenon. In fact, its origins remain to be a mystery to this day. 

Shungite is mainly found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. While its location earned the stone its name, where it came from is still a mystery. 

Shungite is made of up to 99% carbon. Carbon is usually formed from organic matter, such as old forests. However, as shungite is believed to be 2 billion years old, it would have existed before any life on our planet. 

There are several theories as to how shungite may have been formed. It is thought  a large meteorite collided into Earth and deposited shungite into the ground, microorganisms in nearby water could have caused the formation or the composition of organic matter in sedimentary rocks changed over time. 

No matter how shungite is formed, what is important is its healing and protective abilities. This is due to the 3-D spherical molecules made of 60 carbon atoms it contains called fullerenes. These molecules are hollow, which allow them to absorb both toxins and radio waves. 

In addition to fullerenes, shungite contains almost every mineral on the periodic table. 


The Proven Benefits of Shungite

Shungite has many scientific studies that have proven its benefits, including its ability to protect against EMF. 

Studies have indicated shungite can  remove impurities and organic substances from water as well as eliminate radioactive compounds

Shungite has a potent antibacterial effect and  antioxidant properties.


Shungite for EMF Protection



Shungite is also known for its ability to shield against EMF. Shungite can be worn on the body as a necklace, pendant or bracelet, placed around the home and attached to your cell phone. 





Studies show shungite attenuates electromagnetic emissions by protecting the user from harmful EMF radiation.



One such option is our Shungite Plate for Cell Phone Protection. This small piece of shungite is securely adhered to your phone with its built-in adhesive to provide protection and piece of mind from EMF. 


Shungite works by absorbing the EMF emitted by your cell phone. This type of protection is often favored by those who want to see easy to measure results in their EMF protection. 


In addition to your cell phone, this Shungite plate can be attached to your laptop, tablet, or wireless router for EMF protection. 

How to Use Your Shungite Protection Plate



To use the Shungite Protection Plate simply remove the sticker backing to expose the adhesive and secure to your phone. As the plate is a slim design, it should fit well under most cell phone cases. 


While the shungite plate does come with an adhesive backing, you can also choose to simply place the plate between your phone and phone case to make it easy to transfer as you upgrade your cell phone. 


While the other two products do offer a ‘lifetime’ guarantee, shungite can wear out over time and need to be replaced. However, this is the least expensive option on our list. 

While there are many ‘shungite’ sellers online, it is important to make sure you purchase your shungite from a reputable seller that can ensure its authenticity. 


RadiArmor EMF Blocking Cell Phone Sleeve 


One of the biggest concerns with cell phones has to do with their close proximity to your body for an extended period of time. 

Studies have associated exposure to EMF through cell phones with reduced male fertility. The study saw an association between the length of exposure and a reduction in fertility. 

With this in mind, an EMF blocking sleeve is a great option to protect your body while carrying your cell phone. 

The RadiArmor EMF Blocking Cell Phone Sleeve measures 7.1 inches long by 4.15 inches wide and fits most standard cell phones. It is available in black or red. 

The EMF protection lies in the material of the sleeve which is lined with a Neoprene fabric lined with Faraday cloth which is said to block over 99% of high frequency RF and microwave radiation commonly associated with cell phones, WiFi and 5G. This material does not interfere with your cell phone signal. 



The soft material has a flap and velcro closure so you can put your phone in the case while charging. 

When looking inside the case, it is obvious which side is lined with faraday cloth, as it has a gold mesh. This is the side of the sleeve to place against your body when carrying your phone.


While this option is said to remove 99% of EMF, it only protects the side of the phone in contact with the faraday cloth. EMFs exposure from the front and the side of the phone are not eliminated. 

It is also important to note this product only protects you when it is in its sleeve. When making phone calls or using your phone for applications or texting, you are completely unprotected. 

At over $50 on Amazon, this is also a more expensive option, however, it does come with a lifetime guarantee. 



Orgone Energy Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation


The Orgone Energy Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation EMF Protection is an option that neutralizes EMF rather than shield or absorb it. 

This small sticker has an adhesive backing to ‘stick’ onto your device, but can also simply be placed between your phone and its case. This allows you to simply move your protection when you switch cell phones rather than purchasing your EMF protection again and again. 

These EMF Protectors are designed to eliminate radiation emissions by harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of this harmful energy.


This is done through a programming process that creates healthy negative ions to neutralize the potentially harmful ions produced by EMF.


This reduces the heat you feel in your head whilst using your cell phone, mobile phone, cordless phone, iPhone, wireless devices, and Bluetooth.



Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Sticker testing


In addition to cell phone protection, Orgone Energy has a wide variety of EMF protection products including whole home harmonizers, pendants and travel protection.

While little is known about the Orgonium process, our products have many positive reviews have been around for more than 20 years. 


Final Verdict


Finding the right EMF protection for your cell phone use is an important decision to help safeguard your health. 

Shungite is a great option for those who want to see results of their product on an EMF meter. It is the least expensive option on our list and is backed by scientific research. 

However, the Orgone Energy Line has been developed by a Building Intuitive Biologist and is backed by 20 years of research and many positive reviews. 

While the shielding sleeve has great protective abilities, it does not offer protection while using the phone, which many people do for several hours each day.