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Shungite Meaning

With such a mysterious origin and impressive healing and protective properties, many wonder about the shungite meaning. 


With such a mysterious origin and impressive healing and protective properties, many wonder about the shungite meaning. 


Shungite is a black gemstone that has received special attention for its proven  powerful healing and protective properties.

While over two billion years old shungite is still used today to energetically restore the body and mind.

Dubbed the “modern miracle stone,” shungite stone can be used to deflect electromagnetic vibrations and cleanse the environment.

If you’re curious about the meaning, history, properties, and uses of shungite stones, this article is for you.



Before we delve into the article, it is important to note that shungite can be made into jewelry that is worn as bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces to protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

It is also used in an adhesive application - Shungite Plates for cellphonessticks to microwave ovens, cell phones, smart meters, and TVs.

Shungite pyramids can be strategically placed anywhere in the home, office, and car, and a small stone goes a long way.


What is the Meaning of Shungite?

Shungite is a carbon-based stone that was first mined in the small town of Shunga in Karelia, Russia, where it is still mined today.


This crystal is considered unique not just because of its high carbon composition (some crystals contain 30-99% pure carbon), but also because it contains almost all elements of the periodic table.



In their purest state, shungite crystals inherently comprise unique carbon nanostructures known as fullerenes, which are spherical three-dimensional molecules made up of 60 carbon-based atoms.


It’s the fullerenes that give shungite its distinctive black color and contribute to its reputation as a bacteria-killer.


The Origins of Shungite Stone

Shungite was discovered close to the small village of Shunga, hence the stone’s name. Shunga is located in the Republic of Karelia, part of the Russian Federation.


Although traces of shungite have been found elsewhere in Russia, the Zazhoginsky deposit is the only place where shungite occurs in large reserves.


This huge shungite deposit weighs 35 million tons and is mined at a rate of 200,000 tons a year.



The Healing Properties of Lake Onega

Several hundred years ago, Lake Onega had become famous among local people for its extremely pure water that could heal.

Kings and queens have come and gone throughout history, opening and leaving baths over the centuries. Throughout history, Shungite has been forgotten and discovered for many cycles.

The last rediscovery was in the 1930s when water from Lake Onega was tested for medicinal purposes.

The lake experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1970s when a thermal spa reopened. However, shungite has become popular worldwide only in recent years.

The Geology of Shungite Stone

Shungite was formed two billion years age before there was any life on earth.

There are several hypotheses about the formation of shungite. The most widely held theory holds that shungite was formed by the sedimentation of rich organic matter from primitive life forms in silt and mud.

These organic sediments accumulated in the Karelian craton, which was rich in brackish water.

Organic material along with the mineral-rich brackish water in the craton has been compressed and heated from below by geothermal activity.


This turned the material into what we call shungite through petrification. This process was also responsible for the formation of the molecular structure called fullerenes.

The Big Bang Theory



An intriguing but less common hypothesis holds that shungite was formed from a meteorite that crashed into the earth.


The interesting thing about this idea is that there is evidence that a meteorite fell near the lake just before the shungite formed.


An even less popular opinion is that shungite was formed by lightning. The reason for this idea is that lightning does in fact produce fullerenes, but since the amount produced by lightning is so small, this assumption has been widely discredited. Still, it’s an interesting idea.



The Different Types of Shungite Stone

There are three (3) types of shungite, each with a distinct appearance. The reason for the difference is due to the amount of carbon the stones contain.

Type I Shungite – Elite (Noble) Shungite

  • It is the purest form of shungite with a 98% concentration of carbon.
  • The stone has a semi-metallic silver sheen and can be chipped quite easily.
  • Only 1% of the shungite in existence today is Elite Shungite.

Elite Shungite Composition

  • 98% carbon
  • 0.3% hydrogen
  • 0.9% oxygen and nitrogen
  • 0.8% ash

Shungite type II – Black Shungite

This type of shungite comprises 50 to 70% carbon.

This crystal is a matte black mineral. Easy to shape and polish, it is used to make EMF protection jewelry and countertop pyramids.

Black Shungite Composition

  • 50 to 70% carbon
  • 6.7% hydrogen
  • 3.5% oxygen and nitrogen
  • 3.3% ash

Type III Shungite – Gray Shungite

Type III shungite comprises 30 to 50 percent carbon. This gemstone is a dull gray mineral. You won’t find gray shungite in retail stores because it is primarily used for industrial applications.

Gray Shungite Composition

  • 30 to 50% carbon
  • 6.7% hydrogen
  • 3.5% oxygen and nitrogen
  • 56% silicon dioxide
  • 3.3% ash
  • 8% various dioxides and oxides

How to Tell if Shungite is Real



Although fake shungite isn’t a common problem, there have been some reports of counterfeit shungite on the market. If there’s money to be made from it, there’ll always be fakes! Fortunately, there are very simple ways to get around this problem.

Always buy from a reputable seller first, like Orgone Energy.

Second, you can perform an extremely simple test to make sure your shungite is real.

Shungite Authenticity Test


Shungite is inherently conductive. Therefore, we can conduct a simple test to prove if the shungite is real.

You’ll need:

  • Light bulb
  • Two wires (preferably copper)
  • Battery
  • Shungite


  1. Put one cable on the positive side of the battery and another on the negative side of the battery.
  2. Put wires on the bulb.
  3. The light bulb will light up.
  4. Now place the shungite between the bulb and a wire. The light bulb will remain on if the shungite is real.


How is Shungite Recharged?



Many people believe that stones and crystals need to be “recharged” energetically by placing them in direct moonlight, sunlight, or in a stream of fresh water. It’s said that this can activate and replenish the properties of the crystal.

Charging shungite is no different: simply place your shungite stone in full moonlight or warm sunlight for 24 hours every two weeks. Additionally, you can recharge it with incense smoke or sage smudging for a purifying effect on your gemstone.

Why is Shungite so Expensive?

Many crystals and gemstones are expensive due to the difficulty of extracting and importing them from other countries.

You can only find genuine shungite in the small town of Shunga in Russia and is often not mined industrially, but manually.



Petrovsky and Elite shungite are nearly as rare as emeralds and rubies, hence their high price. But for crystal lovers, the cost is nothing compared to the powerful healing properties so many have experienced firsthand.

How to Use Shungite

There are numerous reasons several people believe that crystals like shungite have healing properties that can be felt on both a physical and emotional level.

However, unlike many stones, shungite has the research to back it up. 

Protection Against Electromagnetic Fields



Electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions are a type of radiation that can be detrimental to cells and DNA.


Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of shungite crystals in protecting animals from electromagnetic fields, with positive results.


When it comes to EMF protection, shungite is often used in shielding items like EMF jewelry and stands. The jewelry can be in the form of bracelets, pendants, rings, beads, and necklaces.

There are also Shungite Phone Stands and Shungite Plates for Cell Phone that offer amazing protection against EMF. 



Water Purification


Throughout the ages, human beings have used gemstones like shungite to purify water by absorbing and removing impurities.


A 2018 study found that placing a shungite stone in polluted water can effectively leach pesticides and other debris out of the water and make it potable.


You can purchase our Shungite Rocks for Water to purify your drinking water and our Shungite Shower Head to purify your bathing water for maximum health. 






Many anecdotal studies claim that proximity to and daily use of shungite gemstones can help reduce stress and make the mind calmer and clearer.

For instance, Shungite harmonizer rods are known as the best Shungite items for spiritual healing and meditation.

Elimination of Bacteria



The high fullerene composition of an average shungite rock has earned this crystal a reputation for bacterial purification.

Fullerenes are a form of carbon nanostructures (CNS). Several studies have been which determined the effectiveness of the CNS in eliminating detrimental harmful pathogens or bacteria.   


Where Should I Place My Shungite?

There are many easy ways to incorporate a shungite stone into your lifestyle. For a body cleansing effect, place your shungite (charged and cleaned) in a warm bath or water bottle to rid yourself of unwanted toxins and cleanse your body.

When you need spiritual or emotional support, placing your shungite pyramids in your bedroom or workspace will bring mental clarity and filter out negative vibrations.


Alternatively, hold your precious shungite harmonizer rods  in your hand while meditating or place it on your forehead while napping. Wherever you place your shungite crystal, place it with the intention of getting the best possible results.