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Sherry Shriner is a controversial figure on the internet. Some love her, some hate her. But one thing is for sure: she knows how to generate attention. Her orgone blasters have become infamous, and many people are curious about what they actually do and the benefits they offer. In this blog post, we’ll explore all you need to know about these orgone blasters and what you need to know before buying one. So if you’re curious about these blasters, keep reading!

What are Orgone Blasters?


Just like tower busters, the orgone blaster is another prominent orgonite piece that is specifically designed to protect against negative energy attacks. 

According to Sherry Shriner, orgone blasters prevent and nullify many dangerous types of negative encounters; including but not limited to EMF radiation, hostile encounters, voodoo, witchcraft, psychic attacks, black magic spells, psychotronics, distant bystanders, nightmares, evil entities, demons, ghosts/spirits, shadow people, distant bystanders, and ELF (extremely low frequency) attacks. 

 Shriner claims these blasters will render negative beings, evil thought patterns, and dark energies unable to attack.

How to Make Orgone Blasters?

Orgone blasters comprise clockwise copper coils, transparent quartz crystals, fiberglass resin, and aluminum filings. To create your own orgone blaster, follow the detailed process given below:

Parameters and requirements:

  • Transparent quartz crystals
  • Metal shavings
  • Copper cable
  • 12-cup muffin pan
  • Sap

    Orgone Blaster Manufacturing Process:

    • Start with vegetable oil or non-stick cooking oil or spray on glass containers or pans being used.
    • To prevent the tar from drying out too much, simply add the ingredients to your skillet or pan first, then immediately pour the juice to the highest point. Splash the plate, put all the ingredients in each cracker hole, and then pour the super tar over the holes at the same time.
    • If using pennies for extra copper, place the penny in the center of the cookie space and add metal shavings on top, including the top of the loop, and place gems ​​inside the loop. Then add a little more shaving on top of that.
    • For the loop, cut about 6-8 turns of copper wire and bend it clockwise over a PVC pipe (or something similar) and slide it in, offsetting the loop in the middle of the cookie. Place copper shavings around the loop and place 2 to 3 gems inside the loop (this depends on the size of the gem).
    • Opt for the larger 1-inch gems and just put a few in the loop.
    • Fill cookie containers 1/3 full with the fixings.
    • Pour in the gum. Give it some time to assimilate, then pour more pitch over it to fill it up.
    • Let it dry. Most likely about 60 minutes. At this point, remove them from the pan and let them dry longer.
    • Create the orgone blaster in a ventilated area, outdoors, or a garage.

    Are Orgone Blasters Safe?

    Orgonite devices like orgone blasters with little metal and large surfaces made of transparent resin, where the minerals, crystals, wires, etc. are visible, have remarkably reduced energetic qualities. Genuine Orgone devices are made up of equal parts of metal and resin. Anyone who is energy sensitive can attest to this.

    Another potential hazard of using orgonite pieces like orgone blasters is the inability to find a ‘clean’ environment in which to use them. Orgone energy is sensitive to its environment, particularly certain types of agitations and disturbances. Unfortunately, many of these disturbances are common in many areas.

    The presence of these disturbances can energize or irritate the orgone energy and drive it towards toxicity. Orgone accumulators, particularly those intended for biological experiments (for example, improving plant growth) or human use, should never be used in rooms with the following orgone-irritating devices:

    • Fluorescent lights
    • Television sets
    • Computer or microcomputer
    • Microwave ovens
    • Electric blankets
    • X-ray machines
    • Clocks, wristwatches, or other devices containing radioactive

    We are not sure about you, but we have at least one of these devices in almost every room of our home or office. This means that an orgonite piece like an orgone blaster could actually cause more harm than benefit for many people.

    Orgonium Devices – The Best Alternative to Orgone Blasters


    Fortunately, there is an option for those who want to experience the potential mental and physical benefits of Orgone energy without the toxicity – Orgonium.

    Orgonium and Orgonite may sound similar, but they actually aren’t. While they are both sources of Orgone Energy, orgonium is seen as superior because of the effects it has.

    Both offer protection from noxious energies such as electrical wirings, power poles, Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations, radio waves, electromagnetic radiations, earth energies, fault lines, and psychic energies.

     However, their compositions and potential toxicities are very different.

    Orgonite is made up of metal shavings such as brass or copper and suspended in polyester resin along with a range of various crystals, such as quartz sands or quartz points.

    On the other hand, orgonium is a resonance device that has been developed to vibrate at high frequencies. Its frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the human body as well as the energy fields.

    The frequencies mimic purely natural earth resonance and promote the balancing of energies. As a result, stress is relieved as well as pressure, tension, and anxiety.

    Orgonium works to produce negative ions, and these ions contain a lot of beneficial properties for both mental and physical health. Orgonium can help with stress relief, help the maintenance of alkaline pH levels of the blood, and create a more elevated mood. Orgonium can also improve feelings of relaxation, encourage better sleeping habits, and strengthen immune levels.

    While both orgonium and orgonite have similar functions; orgonium differs from orgonite in its formulation, resin type, and other factors, including the possible long-term effects.

    Instead of an Orgone Blaster, consider checking out our line of personal and home EMF protection devices. We have many options to protect what matters most.

    Check out our Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators. These highly protective and powerful Orgone accumulators can cover an area of 40-80 cubic meters and are beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing geopathic stress and Smart Meters. They are also beneficial against all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation. The dome acts to balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.

    Why Orgonium is Actually Better for You?


    Your orgonite pendant might be causing you more harm than good, and a change to an orgonium product might be necessary to protect your well-being.

    You might be wondering why, and you may even attempt to counteract this statement by ascertaining how wonderful your orgonite pendant makes you feel; however, the truth is that orgonium is better for you in the long run for a few reasons.

    Orgonite has been discovered to create an energy that pulses at varying positive ion frequencies.

    Positive ions are particles that have been proven to have adverse effects on the body, such as the ionization of free radicals. The ionization impairs the exchange of materials across cell membranes, which eventually leads to cell death and mutation.

    Additionally, positive ions cause oxidative stress. For orgonite to create such energy, is actually quite alarming.

    At first, people who choose to wear orgonite pendants may feel an almost immediate increase in positive energy and may even experience a tingling or warm sensation that they believe is the pendant’s wonderful effects.

    However, the orgonite pendant you are wearing can be harming the nervous system as well as other organs, such as the heart and lungs.

    Orgonite may seem like it is working hard to produce Positive Orgone Energy in the beginning, but it’s also busy accumulating these positive ions that will eventually absorb into the environment and ultimately into the bloodstream of the wearer.

    Orgonite users often report a reduction in the strength of the initial pleasant effects over time because of the slow buildup and release of these positive ions.

    When the orgonite is placed over the heart, it can be felt pulsing every 4 to 6 seconds. This can also be monitored via a heart monitor. Each pulse affects the solar plexus and causes a nauseous and sickly effect in the abdomen. It also displays similar energy to that felt from a source of electromagnetic radiation, such as a fluorescent light at about 50 milligauss.

    Benefits of Orgonium

    Orgonium, on the other hand, has already been established as a source of negative ions, which is quite beneficial along with its release of Positive Orgone Energy.

    While orgonium resonates at Ley line frequencies, causing the production of negative ions − oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron, orgonite resonates at the earth’s magnetic grid resonance and produces positive ions.

    Orgonium is a better choice than orgonite in the long run, especially if it is worn as jewelry in close proximity to the body because of its long-term harmonizing effect on the body’s system.

     Your orgonite pendant might not seem so bad right now but think about the unseen effects and the prolonged use of the pendant in the long run. It is potentially harmful to your overall health and well-being and should be given up in favor of orgonium pendants.

    Think of the switch as more of an upgrade. If you haven’t gotten your orgonium pendant yet, you can purchase one of our very own Quantum Orgone Pendants that are made solely of orgonium because it’s better for you and protects you from adverse health effects you may experience with an orgonite pendant.