What is Orgone?

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What is Orgone? Many wonder about what many refer to as the universal life energy. Check out our guide to everything orgone and how it can change your life! 

Consumer electronics, electricity, and the explosion of wireless communication technology since the turn of the century have undoubtedly brought life-changing development, progress, and convenience to people in much of the world. However, very little attention is paid to the impact this has on the invisible and generally unrecognized etheric energy that surrounds us and the subtle ways in which it interacts with us and our surroundings.

In the 1950s, Wilhelm Reich created orgone accumulators designed to concentrate ambient energy and focus it on a person. 


Over the years, orgone structures have typically been made in the form of spheres, coasters, or pyramids from a mixture of inorganic and organic materials encapsulated in a resin


The combination of the two types of materials under resin pressure transforms less useful energies (Wi-Fi, cell phone signals, electromagnetic frequencies) into beneficial healing energies.


Orgone Energy



You will likely notice Orgone Energy products do not contain the traditional material for orgone accumulators. This is because our founder, Gerard Bini, has found a superior method to neutralize the harmful positive energy with beneficial negative energy. 


Our pieces are made with healing intention and Reiki energy. Bringing one of our pieces into your home can help promote a sense of peace and serenity.


If you really want to experience the benefits of orgone, take a look at our GeoClense EMF Radiation Harmonizer for whole house EMF protection. This article will discuss orgone energy in-depth for your understanding!


What Does the Word Orgone Mean?



Orgone is an invisible subtle energy, similar to chi, prana, or life force energy

Humans, plants, and animals thrive on positive orgone and struggle in negative orgone.


It is believed that Wi-Fi, cell phone transmissions, and electricity disrupt this subtle energy, causing it to turn bad and become stagnant.


Orgonite is an orgone processing material composed of resin, metal filings, and quartz crystals. 


It continually transforms negative orgone into positive orgone, never needs to be recharged or replaced, and is also believed to release positive orgone when stimulated by other forms of energy.


What is the Difference between Orgone and Orgonite?



Orgone energy is the natural life force of all living beings, while orgonite is a human invention that harnesses this force for practical use. 

It is a mixture of quartz crystals in resin that converts negative energy to positive using metal filings as a conductor of positive energy. Learn more about orgonite here.

Who Invented the Orgone Box?


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Wilhelm Reich, a psychologist known as one of the most influential psychoanalysts, discovered orgone energy in the late 1930s and began his career with an interest in Freud’s ideas on neurosis.


According to Reich’s research, traumatic experiences can block the body’s natural energy flow. Consequently, you suffer from mental and physical illnesses. Wilhelm Reich introduced orgone energy to remove this blockage.


Reich was convinced that negative attitudes towards sex are the root of many societal problems, such as sexual repression and fascism

His faith led him to the discovery of orgone after researching techniques to generate sexual energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used individual exercises and group activities to release this pent-up energy.

Wilhelm Reich’s work also indicates that libidinal energy is not just about sexuality. He called it the primordial energy of life.

Reich’s View on Libidinal Energy



Libidinal energy is a term coined by Freud (Reich professor). It refers to the psychic energy that drives all of our desires and interests, which he believed stem from sexual drives. 

However, libidinal can refer to many things other than sex, including creativity or instinctual drives that come from the unconscious.

Libidinal energy was the idea behind Reich’s research. It’s a psychoanalytic term that refers to the vital force of the human being.


Essentially, libidinal energy drives us to do everything we do daily, from work to completing our homework and family responsibilities. 


We are guided by our libidinal instincts, which come from a place deep within us, a source that you cannot ignore or suppress, but can openly express through different forms.


Sexuality is only a small part of your libido. Libidinal can describe anything related to sensuality, love, emotion, or desire. It can even refer to someone who has strong feelings about religion or politics. Also, it refers to things that are exciting without being sexual, like spicy food!


Wilhelm Reich carried out several experiments with this “life energy”. After that, he discovered a new form of energy, Orgone. He claimed that it permeates living beings and can concentrate sub-atomically. He even discovered that orgone was absorbed by certain materials referred to as orgone accumulators.

What are Orgone Accumulators?



Orgone accumulators are wooden cabinets to store, accumulate, and release life-force energy. The orgone particles are stored in large cones made up of alternating layers of organic material and metal foil.


When these devices are placed in the home, they can cleanse all the negative energies in your living space while building up positive energies.


Consequently, spending time in your home environment will make you feel alive. Orgone accumulators accumulate negative thoughts (restlessness, bad dreams, or fear of failure) which in turn blocks setbacks and gives you a sense of calm and personal power.

Properties of Orgone Stone

Orgone stone is a powerful healing agent that removes energy blockages. You can use it to heal spiritual problems, emotional problems, and physical ailments

Orgone stones comprise quartz crystals that become charged by being exposed to the natural environment for an extended period of time. This process imbues the stone with life force energy so you can pass it on to other objects or people that need healing. Below are the healing properties of orgone stones:

Physical Healing

An orgone stone can offset all disturbances caused by EMF. As a result, you may have a stronger immune system and better focus. If you spend too much time in front of a screen, your chakras are likely to be out of balance due to exposure to electromagnetism. Orgone stones can help balance this and give your body a boost of energy.

Spiritual Healing

An orgone stone can enhance your spiritual awareness and promote spiritual growth by clearing negative energy around you. First, put your mind in the right state by meditating. Don’t worry about your negative emotions or thoughts. Let them flow while you focus on your breath. Once you feel relaxed, you can start using your orgone stone for spiritual healing or other purposes.

Emotional Healing

The orgone stone is a great addition to any sacred space, as it generally has a calming effect on people. Thus, it promotes positive emotions, such as joy, love, peace, and serenity.

How Does Orgone Work?



Orgone is an invisible and universal life force that permeates all living beings and inanimate objects. It pervades everything and everyone on earth and you can harness it for different purposes through different crystals and devices. 


Have you ever felt something mysterious or spiritual, like an intense calm or an overwhelming sense of joy? It can be an aura that surrounds you or an awareness that has gone out of your norm. Orgone energy does that.


Orgone energy differs from normal physical or mental activity. It is conceptually similar to how a spiritual person works but on a much higher level.

For instance, when we unload from deep meditation, regular conscious thought needs input from the senses, which is how we know we are thinking. But with orgone, you don’t need to direct your thoughts, they just emanate from you without you having to do anything.


How Does Orgone Energy Affect Your Body?



Using orgone energy devices is like taking a powerful dose of pure magic. Like a quartz lamp, it illuminates your body and mind with a wave of healing that can help you combat many types of ailments and enhance your overall well-being


Dead orgone energy is typically negative. It is lifeless and clings to negativity. Positive orgone energy is the opposite, as it creates life and happiness. But what if you have a mix of the two? Dead orgone energy-draining your positive energy?


You must transform every dead orgone into a positive orgone! You can use Orgone Pyramid or Orgone Energy jewelry. Have you ever had a scary feeling that just would not go away? It’s because something is wrong. Dead orgone energy has such detrimental effects on humans and can cause numerous problems at home, work, or wherever it may be present.


On the contrary, positive energy can reduce stress, improve mood, and promote healthy sleep habits.


When orgone or life-force energy stagnates and dies, it forms dead orgone energy. When this occurs, it leaves behind a different type of energy that can be detected with sensitive equipment.

It has been speculated that dead orgone energy may be responsible for many mysterious phenomena throughout history, as it may alter the physical properties of matter. Also, it could interfere with EMFs depending on the number of people around you.

How to Activate Orgone Energy



Orgone energy can be activated by placing the crystals on various parts of the body, e.g. on the heart chakra (chest) or in the third eye chakra (forehead). It helps you focus on a specific goal and gives you more clarity on what has to happen next.

Moreover, you can create a bubble around you to avoid negative vibes by following these simple steps:

  • Visualize a bubble of energy or blue light.
  • Strengthen the effect by joining your hands in front of you.
  • Also, you can harness more power by communicating effectively with your orgone crystal! Think of it as your best friend.

What are the Benefits of Orgone?



Orgone can help us heal, nourish and grow. Orgone benefits include better sleep quality, increased vitality, less anxiety, improved libido, and more creativity.

Some other orgone benefits are:

  • Improves mood
  • Eliminates negative energy
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes plant well-being
  • Allows for emotional stability and spiritual growth
  • Reduces stress and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields

How to Use Orgone for Protection Against Negative Energies



Simply breathing the right way with your orgone crystal by your side will remove negative energy from your body and allow you to move forward with confidence. Orgone devices can expel negative forces if placed where you feel gloomy. Negative beliefs and thoughts, such as fear of change, can hold us back.

How to Use Orgone to Protect Against Electromagnetic Fields



Keep any orgone energy device (such as the Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Shield) nearby when using electronic devices. 


These days, it’s almost impossible to avoid being around microwaves, power lines, cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi – all sources of EMF – but you can take steps to minimize the damage by using orgone energy devices.


The EMF radiation that passes through orgone technology creates nothing new in the metal itself. The energy can’t pass through a solid object without being sub-converted (i.e. becoming jittery), like sunlight passing through the glass.

How Can You Incorporate Orgone Energy Into Your Daily Life?


At Orgone Effects, we manufacture a wide range of orgone products for a variety of different applications. Our most basic and least expensive EMF protection product is our Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Shield is intended to combat the most common source of EMF radiation. 

This shield works by harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of this harmful energy rather than shielding or blocking them.

This is usually placed on EMF-radiating devices such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers.

You can also protect yourself and your home from EMF exposure with the highly protective Dome Schumann Resonance Generators. These powerful Orgone accumulators are beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing geopathic stress and smart meters, as well as all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation. This device balances the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.



Our Personal Protection Collection is designed for use in personal space and contains enhanced materials such as rose quartz, tourmaline, shungite, and other orgone crystals.



For Whole House EMF protection, Orgone products like the GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer as well as the Orgone Bamboo Blanket might be your best bet. The GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer can change the energy in your home and protect what matters most. This negative ion generator consistently generates healthy beneficial negative ions that work by harmoniously neutralizing your entire property and home all the way to its boundaries.



Additionally, you can wrap yourself and your loved ones in protection with the Bamboo Orgone Blankets. These eco-friendly blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create and bring into being a powerful negative ion resonance used for energy or Orgone Therapy, making them the best natural sleep aids.

We also offer products that promote plant growth and vitality, as well as Orgone Pendants with gems suitable for pets. Discover our wide range at Orgoneenergy.org

Cleanse Your Energy With Orgone Energy!


According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy is everywhere. It’s an invisible life force that has its roots in different cultures. 

Whether it’s boosting your intuition, creativity, concentration, focus, or sense of inner peace, orgone energy offers a variety of benefits to increase your success in life. You can harness this power through Orgone Pyramids and Orgone Jewelry to shield yourself from EMF harmful radiation.

You can select from a vast collection of cleansing tools filled with this enigmatic natural energy to amplify its effects! Whether through pendants, pyramids, or crystals designed to promote the circulation of positive energies around you, you’ll find the Orgone product that suits you best!